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Just because you are laid off doesn't mean it's over, you're just rerouted.

With the housing market where it is today, w/ higher rates and no true clarity of when the FED will lower them, plus tech companies laying people off, I was reminded of a May in 2006. 

I was a mortgage loan officer 18 years ago and helping people tap into their equity in their homes to help pay off high interest  debt, mostly from credit cards. Budgeting and educating folks has always been a part of my professional career, but it was that May when our mortgage broker, laid off a significant amount of our workforce. They handed me a check for $1,800 and said, “Good luck.” 

You see, I taught people about budgeting and finances, but now it was time for me to take my own advice. I was in my 20’s without a college degree w/ two small children. I had already hit glass ceilings without that piece of paper. It was then that I decided to take responsibility for my life. To be an example for my two small children and never to let anything or anyone create boundaries for my career.

That feeling of uncertainty is what sometimes keeps us sitting on the sidelines. For ten years, I budgeted to attend undergrad and graduate school and worked full-time, all while raising children, and starting over and marrying again. 

It takes a lot of character to not limiting beliefs hold us back or to not give-up. That’s why when we started Chaz Capital, LLC it is to do just that, to be able to provide a better life and give back. 

When you’ve learned what it’s like to have and not to have and wish you had proper educators, is why we started our firm.

Growing up without those educators or people that have experienced both sides of the economic spectrum, doesn’t allow those with limited views to see past the end of their block. 

Help us spread the message and help make Chaz Capital, LLC the successful business I know that it can be! 

Remember, when we lead by example we create future leaders.

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