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IF I HAVE MORE QUESTIONS OR JUST WANT TO KNOW MORE, WHAT SHOULD I DO? The best thing to do is to go to the Partnership tab and complete the questionnaire and we will reach out to you.

WHY SHOULD I INVEST WITH CHAZ CAPITAL? At Chaz Capital, we have a vision and that is to invest with like-minded people who seek out opportunities to create passive income and eventually financial freedom. The only commodity that we can never get back is time. And at Chaz Capital, it is our belief that through financial literacy and proper guidance we can help others create that freedom to spend it doing the things that make each of us happy, family time, traveling, learning new hobbies, or just creating family and generational wealth. Our number one goal is to be stratgeic in our investment approach and conservative in our underwriting to find proper value-add opportunities. By focusing on our investment thesis and conservative underwriting approach, this in-turn will allow us to decrease our risk and watch our portfolio's grow.

ARE THERE ANY TAX ADVANTAGES BY INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE? As an investor in our syndication as a limited partner, you will benefit from your portion of the investment’s deductions for property taxes, loan interest and depreciation, which are the major tax benefits. For properties that we antcipate holding for longer than five years, we shall anticipate using a cost segregation strategy. This allows us to accelerate the tax depreciation on the asset since we typically hold onto the asset for a long period of time. This is a strategy most businesses do since physical assets have a life span of a certain amount of time. **Disclaimer--we are not tax specialist and encourage you to speak with your tax professional or a CPA that is familiar with real estate to address your specific situation.

HOW DOES MY INTEREST IN THIS ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT GET FILED FOR TAX PURPOSES? You will get a K-1 statement from the partnership in March of the following year for the current tax year. It’s not unusual, that on a $100K investment, to experience a min 8% preferred return or cash in your pocket of $8K while experiencing a paper loss on your annual K-1. Additionally, any refinances or supplemental loans are reviewed as a return of equity so no tax impacts. This is the typical situation while investing passively in our multifamily deals. **Disclaimer--we are not tax specialist and encourage you to speak with your tax professional or a CPA that is familiar with real estate to address your specific situation.

ARE THERE ANY RISK? With any investment there are risks, nothing is guaranteed. Past returns are not indicators of future returns. However, they will be outlined in our Private Placement Memorandum (PPM), which you will have access to once a deal is presented to you as a potential investor. However, unlike the roller coaster of events in the stock market, where the stock market lost 20% in 2022, many investors sold and were sitting in cash, yielding less than the inflation was during that time. At the same time, the multifamily sector was doing great, especially as Covid allowed many folks to move to areas that offered more opportunities. In fact, from March 2022 through February 2023, we saw rent inflation hit it's highest peaks. Even going back to 2021, the rental inflation drove up the demand in new multifamily construction starts to its' highest level in 50 years.

IS THERE A MINIMUM INVESTMENT AMOUNT TO GET STARTED WITH CHAZ CAPITAL? To get started with us, it is best that we schedule a time to connect to ensure we are a good fit for your portfolio. However, each investment differs, but typically the minimums will range from $50,000 to $100,000.

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